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Easycare provides smart business solutions for retailers, helping them establish strong brands in the baby, feminine care and adult incontinence markets. By listening to consumers and monitoring market and technical trends we gather in-depth insights that allow us to meet consumer needs and drive continuous innovation across our products. Our retail partners trust us to make the own-brand products they sell, because we focus on product quality, performance and fit, and we carry out a rigorous program of quality controls to ensure that our products perform to the standards our customers expect. Our flexible, cost-effective design and production model allows us to supply retailers with exactly what they need, when they need it, helping them respond rapidly to changing markets. We invest in building long-term relationships with customers and sharing our expertise in product design, positioning and category management. Working side-by-side with retailers on marketing strategies, we help them build strong brands. We operate around the world, making us an ideal partner for both national and international retailers. If you’re interested in working with us, let us know

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